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What we do

We provide support to all sorts of of organisations – from small and emerging organisations to large-scale operations. This support can include developing strategies and new ways of working using a range of engagement techniques; programme and project action and delivery plans; funding and tender preparation; and community consultations to support co-development and design.


In particular, our expertise in understanding and reaching seldom heard audiences provides an unparalleled specialism that can significantly improve your engagement and service delivery objectives.


We work collaboratively with our clients, using a flexible and tailored approach that responds to each client’s requirements and can be adapted to suit changing situations. 

We particularly enjoy:

Leading meaningful stakeholder consultation and engagement to a wide range of audiences to co-design and develop services and initiatives.


Navigating complexity to unpick organisational needs and objectives. Diagnosing underlying issues, challenges, opportunities and supporting the transition to better ways of working.


Establishing mutually beneficial working relationships with clients and target audiences to support effective programme and project development and delivery.

Scoping, mapping and needs analyses - using a range of research methods to inform the most appropriate service design and delivery.

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